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Quartz / Obsidian Gua Sha

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⁣The gua sha tools shown in the picture are made of white quartz / black obsidian. The sense of coolness from the crystals gives our skin a calming and soothing sensation ⁣

White quartz the all in one powerful crystal used for universal cleaning at all levels. It absorbs, releases and regulates energy, removes blockages. White quartz gua sha dimension: 77 x 54 mm

Black Obsidian is a strong grounding stone that can also remove unwanted toxic energy. Draws out infections and helps with digestive issues.⁣
Black obsidian gua sha dimension: 108 x 49 mm

Does the shape matter ? ⁣

Pick a smooth and rounded one that fits the curvature of the area you want to treat, it should be comfortable to grip

The variety of contours will allow you to use your tool on various parts of your face including your jawline and cheekbones

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