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Black Tourmaline Charm

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Handmade Black Tourmaline Macrame Charm

Black tourmaline grounds us by cutting of negativity and excess energy that no longer serves us. Protects us against emotional vampires who burdens us with their problems and do nothing to improve their situations. It’s vital to set boundaries and protect ourselves, learning how to say NO. Carry a small piece with you daily or place it at your work desk as a protection amulet.

It is devoted to grounding spiritual energies, bringing a clearer expression of Light into the world and into the lives of those drawn to its powers. It furthers the ability to remain radiant in the darkest of circumstances and to maintain a spiritual consciousness while living among those who are not always in the Light and do not understand the love of the universe.

Origin: Brazil
Black Tourmaline Dimensions: 4 x 2.9 cm (Grey) ; 3.8 x 3.4 cm (Blue)

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