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Green Rutile Quartz Bracelet

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Rutilated Quartz is highly sought after because of its inclusions, the more the better! Rutiles intensifies the healing properties of quartz. Helps to enhance mental and physical stability, self-reliance. A perfect crystal to have for banishing negative energy, spirits and nightmares.

Green rutile is mainly composed by two specimens namely green tourmaline (Green Tourmaline) and amphibole (Actinolite). The green tourmaline substance in the green rutilated quartz is generally thinner resulting a "silky" and cat's eye effect. The rutiles of amphibole are harder, thicker and straighter. Sometimes the proportions of the two components are different, so that the green hair crystals form a variety of different forms.

It embodies an energy that breaks the status quo. The energy of green rutilated quartz is relatively stable compared to gold rutilated quartz. It enables  breakthrough in your career such as promotion, salary increase, job change etc. 

Origin: Brazil

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