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Mozambique Rose Quartz Vogel

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24 Sided Rose Quartz Vogel

Tenderness and sensuality are encapsulated in this gemstone's crystalline structure. Rose Quartz was used as a love symbol as far back as 600 B.C. and is now a significant talisman in partnerships. To find fresh love, passion, and intimacy on your own, or to build stronger ties with your loved ones, this method is quite beneficial. Connection to others, as well as a deep spiritual awareness of our place in nature, are all part of the package when you use this rite.

It is a good crystal to employ in times of trauma or crisis, especially the emotional upheaval that occurs during a mid-life crisis. Enhancing one's capacity for compassion, openness to experience, and tolerance for change are all facilitated by this practise. It's also a great stone for relieving the pain of heartbreak.


Origin: Mozambique
Dimensions: 100 x 41 mm

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