About Moon Convos

Founded in the turbulent year of Covid 2020, with the mission to connect our mind, body, and soul and bring good energy to our daily lives through crystals. Giving the old-fashioned feng shui crystal concept a refreshing twist through styling and education. Inviting more people to embrace the natural beauty of crystals and acknowledge the positive vibrations they emit. Creating a ripple effect of happiness one crystal at a time.

Message From The Founder

It’s your girl Jenny the founder of Moon Conversations. During my journey of awakening in 2014, the Moon has played a vital role in my mood and intuition whenever I was seeking answers in life’s quests.

I knew it was always there, ready for me.

My vision for Moon Conversations is the same way I feel about the Moon, that it will always be available for all seekers and souls of Planet Earth. Ready to connect, to provide small tips & advices, uplifting messages and the natural gifts from our Mother Earth. With hopes of sharing my love of crystals to grow our like minded community bigger and closer through this platform; letting it be a safe place for people to connect, express their true self and listen to each other.

All crystals and ritual good products are hand-picked, carefully curated; ethically and responsibly sourced from all over the world. Every order will be energetically cleansed and blessed with reiki energy before send out. I hope each and every item here no matter big or small brings you as much joy and magic as they do to me.