Flower Agate Heart


The field of flowers in flower agate inspires us to chase after our dreams, manifesting the gifts and talents we have within us. The flower patches/ circles on the crystal represent seeds reminding us that we start out as seeds, then blossom and grow.

Perfect for entrepreneurs hoping to grow and flourish with their business and for those who are starting a new endeavour in their lives.

Origin: Madagascar
A: 39.4 x 31.2mm
B: 37.5 x 30.8mm
C: 39.1 x 31.4mm
D: 37.8 x 31.7mm
E: 41.2 x 33.8mm
F: 42.5 x 33.9mm
G: 40.8 x 34.6mm
H: 41.5 x 35.2mm
I: 41.1 x 34.2mm
J: 42.7 x 34.9mm
K: 45.4 x 36.8mm
L: 49.6 x 42.7mm
M: 44.8 x 36.7mm
N: 48.1 x 39.3 mm

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